Working Collaboratively Means The Therapeutic Journey Is one That We Will Walk Together,
Side by Side

Alleviate Counselling & Psychotherapy

When anyone decides to start therapy sessions, the most important thing is to feel listened to and validated. In the world that we live in, it is incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed by emotions and experiences especially when you realise how fast-paced life has become. Therapy gives you that time to slow things down and give yourself that time to focus on how you are feeling and explore the reasons for the way you feel and react to daily occurrences. 

It’s important to give yourself this time to deconstruct your feelings to move forward and work towards a more balanced and pain-free life. As you share with your therapist, it is really important that you feel comfortable enough to share your pain, past experiences and any trauma that may still be affecting you to this day.

At Alleviate, we work in a people-centric way. Making sure you and your goals are always core to the work we are doing. We do this because most people seeking therapy, are usually at their most vulnerable time and so to reduce the overwhelm you may feel, we work in a very relational way.

Alleviate Counselling & Psychotherapy

As anyone who decides to work with a therapist, the most important thing is that you feel listened to and validated. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for overwhelming emotions and experiences to take over your life.

Therapy gives you time to slow things down and focus on how you’re feeling in order for yourself or others (if it works better this way) explore their reasons for the way they react during daily occurrences.

It is really important that you give yourself this time because deconstructing feelings helps people move forward from pain more effectively into something healthy leading towards a balanced life free of pain.

At Alleviate I work with intentionality when working with my clients by making sure everyone has their goals as an integral part of each session while also considering what makes someone happy inside as well outside just like nature does.

Who Is Therapy For?

Therapy is quite simply for everyone… however, an individual needs to come to that conclusion themselves and in their own time for it to make the greatest impact.

Some people have had troubled childhoods and have faced trauma that no one understands, if we have suffered through a troubled childhood, we may bring these issues into our lives now as adults without even realising it. This could range from having a difficult family dynamic, where you now feel out of place or you’ve never felt quite good enough or you struggle to build relationships with other people or do you regularly try to please other people? Throughout childhood, if toxic behaviour is displayed, a lot of children take these traits into adulthood… they are tough patterns to break, but it is possible with the help of counselling.

Who Is Therapy For?

We all need therapy, but an individual needs to come to that conclusion themselves and in their own time. If we have faced a troubled childhood or suffered through trauma, it is important for us as adults to recognize these emotional issues without holding onto them too tightly.

Sometimes our early life experiences may cause feelings of neglect and/or inadequacy which are carried over from one generation into the next; this could be because of family dynamics where you feel out-of-place or you’ve never felt quite good enough or your struggle with building relationships with other people (social skills). These undesirable traits formed during childhood might lead us down a tough path and require some form of counselling so we can break those patterns.

Therapies We Offer

For the majority of people, therapy is not just for adults. But it’s important to remember that individuals must be ready and willing to go through such a process in order to make the greatest impact.

Person Centred

A Person-Centred way of being is at the core of our work. I am trained in an integrative fashion and this means that I can tailor-make therapies to support your individual needs. There are several models of therapy and no one shoe fits all which is why I chose an integrative approach.

Solution Focussed

A Solutions-Focused approach seeks to solve problems and is future focussed. This may be suitable for a person who wants to get over one of life’s hurdles. It is not based around history so can be used to elicit quick results to problems.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing helps clients understand their motivations for change and enables a clarification on their strengths and aspirations. It promotes the autonomy of the client’s decision making.

Recognised By

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapies (BACP), as well as The National Counselling Society (NCS)

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