Arrange An Appointment

I currently offer therapy online to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to explore counselling safely. Some people may feel they would prefer face to face appointments, in which case please get in contact and I can discuss this further and establish what is possible for your current circumstances.

Price and Times

I am open Monday to Friday 10 am – 5 pm with one late night a week.

Sessions are charged in advance and a 24-hour cancellation period is applied otherwise you will be charged fully for that time. If more than 2 appointments are cancelled then you will be discharged. We say this because therapy takes commitment and is ineffective if not committed to. It may just be that it’s not quite your time and that is ok there is no judgement imparted. You can always contact me again if that changes for you. 

Sessions are for 50 minutes at a rate of £45.00 per hour

I usually work on one session a week appointments however, should it be appropriate this can be negotiated and adjusted accordingly and by prior agreement.