How I Work

Therapy is not just for some people, but for everyone. However, an individual needs to come to the conclusion themselves and in their own time before it will have a great impact on them- although there are still benefits of therapy even if they don’t reach this point!

At Alleviate, I have developed a way of working with my clients that helps me understand how best to support you. For example, during your first session with me, all I do is listen so that’s when I can get an understanding about where you’re coming from and what troubles or difficulty you would like me help address.

The Next Steps

We will then, session by session, move on to help you explore your feelings around your troubles sensitively and compassionately. Being able to explore your feelings in a safe a non-judgemental environment is essential to being able to explore your feelings effectively. Have you ever wanted to discuss your troubles with a family member or friend and held back because the topic was sensitive or you felt too insecure to share? With my experience, I provide a safe space for you to share… no matter what may be troubling you.

We work compassionately, non-judgmentally, confidentially and authentically. My goal and purpose is to allow you to experience choice on what is helpful to you. I tailor-make therapy to fit you as a person, as an individual and I believe that therapy should be individual, after all, we don’t all wear the same shoe size and we don’t all like the same shoes… so let’s be real and individual.

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I offer a therapeutic space for people who want to get in touch with certain issues or traumas that are shaping their lives, including childhood memories. I am very warm and friendly person and have a strong understanding of my own personal life experiences as well as empathy.

How I Work

Therapy is quite simply for everyone… however, an individual needs to come to that conclusion themselves and in their own time for it to make the greatest impact.

At Alleviate, we have developed a way of working with our clients. We will spend the first session simply listening. So, we can understand how to best support you and work together to unpack your troubles.