Counselling & Psychotherapy

Therapy can be a very personal experience – one where people are able to work through problems on their own terms without feeling judged or pressured by others. One of its most important aspects is being self-aware about what you need from therapy so that you can have your best session possible with minimal frustration or regret later on down the line.

Therapies I Offer

Therapy can help with a variety of different issues including depression, anxiety disorders, addiction recovery, grief or loss management.

Person Centred

A Person-Centred way of being is at the core of our work. I am trained in an integrative fashion and this means that I can tailor-make therapies to support your individual needs. There are several models of therapy and no one shoe fits all which is why I chose an integrative approach.

Solution Focussed

A Solutions-Focused approach seeks to solve problems and is future focussed. This may be suitable for a person who wants to get over one of life’s hurdles. It is not based around history so can be used to elicit quick results to problems.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing helps clients understand their motivations for change and enables a clarification on their strengths and aspirations. It promotes the autonomy of the client’s decision making.

Psychodynamic Therories

Psychodynamic Theories help you to explore your childhood and understand how that forms the person that you are now. This also explores your specific attachment style. I use this to help clients to gain understanding as to why they feel/behave/experience people and the world. Psychodynamic seeks to understand the unconscious aspects that influence our current way of being. It seeks to bring the unconscious thoughts and bring them into your field of awareness so that you can process what has happened. Aspects of psychodynamics can explore the role of the maternal mother played in your life and how that may have impacted you. It’s a historically focussed model as opposed to a futuristically based one.

Cognitive Behaviour

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps to change the cognitions that we form and challenges them as to how helpful or correct they are now. It seeks to find out what keeps you in a “stuckness” and works by addressing behaviours by slowly exposing oneself to what may be feared. CBT often comes with homework and experiment to do between sessions so that they can be feedback and discussed in the next session. CBT is a goal-orientated therapy. Psychoeducation is delivered to help support CBT to help clients to gain a better understanding. CBT Is suitable for many presenting problems and has proven the outcome in the treatment of Depression, Panic and Anxiety.

Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis therapy is based on popular psychology that explores interpersonal behaviours and relationships by addressing the role in which our ego states present in our transactions/interactions with one another. We may speak from a Parent Position, Adult Position and Child Position and these are interchangeable. If you have ever felt spoken to like a child by an adult then they are speaking in a Parent to child position rather than adult to adult which is a healthy and correct way. Transactional Analysis can support understanding how we come across people. Do they experience us as critical, childlike, parental and is that exchange appropriate? It can be taught to clients to help them connect and interact more constructively. It is a very powerful concept to learn and a little psychoeducation can induce rapid relational changes.

Systemic Therapy

Systemic Therapy explores what has shaped you as a person by exploring your family history. This is useful for clients who want to explore their position in a family. It can also uncover unhelpful patterns of behaviours in families. This supports a person to identify the patterns and should they decide it’s unhelpful it seeks to enable a person to break the repeating circularity.

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I offer a therapeutic space for people who want to get in touch with certain issues or traumas that are shaping their lives, including childhood memories. I am very warm and friendly person and have a strong understanding of my own personal life experiences as well as empathy.