The Gremlin Called Anxiety

Do you feel crippled by your anxiety, perhaps you feel like you can’t breathe perhaps you can sleep or perhaps you shake like a leaf? Maybe you are physically sick or you struggle to eat food, maybe you feel numb and feel paralysed. The more you try to understand these crippling feelings and the emotions that go alongside them the less and less you understand. 

Anxiety: You are not alone

Perhaps you hear the phrase you are not alone but let’s be honest here anxiety can make you “feel” very alone. You may feel sadness alongside a strong sense of loss. A common phrase is “ I don’t feel normal” 

Well, firstly let’s see, what is normal? We all have different ways of being that are normal to us.  I sometimes hear clients say I feel ‘faulty’. Let’s just pause for a second and think about that. Feeling less than or faulty or inadequate are really painful feelings to sit with. Feeling like there is a part of you that is damaged can feel overwhelming and it may leave us wondering you will ever be happy? Do you try and change your anxiety and perhaps confront it only to find you have a huge panic attack and are once again paralysed? Perhaps it may feel like you are stuck in a perpetuating abyss and maybe you tell yourself “this is just how it is now” and maybe you feel resigned to a life with limits. 

Sounding familiar?

This is such a hard thing to live alongside and is exhausting.  General Anxiety can impact your life every day. Social anxiety may make it impossible to see friends even though there is a huge part of you seeking connection. Maybe your anxiety is related to your health? Perhaps you feel that there is some horrible illness lingering away in the background and again, let’s be honest here that’s a really scary place to be and nobody chooses to live with that level of fear and anxiety each day. 

Remember, Feelings are not Facts

The trouble is that the cycle of anxiety has a circularity and tends to repeat.  It can feel a bit like being on a hamster wheel and the more you try the faster the wheel goes and worse the anxiety gets and the more you are stuck in that position. But remember, although it can “feel ‘ like this, feelings are not facts.

Anxiety can and does get better

The good news is that anxiety can get better but how can anxiety get any better if you can understand it? 

What i can do that will help you with Anxiety

I can help you to understand your anxiety and its uniqueness to you. When we understand our anxiety and are enlightened by your back story we can then begin to help you process and get to grips with it so that you control the anxiety and it doesn’t control you. 

And Here is a little something that you may find useful to share with your friends and family.
How to help a person with anxiety from Alleviate Therapy


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